Hide and Seek

Change crouches

Beyond  peripheral vision,

Unseen but sensed, unsettling.

Its scented breath is felt;

Searching stretches senses, strains

Muscles around  eyes, making

Bridge of nose ache,

Dragging concentration into

Wordless void.

Is it hope or fear

Which so distracts?

From this moment so empty,

Which waits for the future to

Explode into view?

And what then?

5 Responses to “Hide and Seek”

  1. Very good rendering of that which can’t be grasped…

  2. You really communicated this feeling well. I think when you get to feeling this way you need to move up a couple of gears and become proactive.

  3. Well worded. And well woven.

  4. Got to love a poem which ends on a question. Poems do not answer questions, but just ask more and better ones.

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