First Floor Windows

Across the street,

A wall clock shares

The time of day.

Above street level is where

Lives get lived.

Down there, in the valley,

Is simply travelling,

Up here is home

Where people relax and become


In our own environment

We are benevolent,

We breathe and appreciate

The people across the way

As equals,

Separate but connected

In our own domesticity

Where inner thoughts

Are comfortable and there is

No competition or suspicion.

Mi casa, su casa

And you are welcome.

The next time we meet,

On the street,

I will smile.


9 Responses to “First Floor Windows”

  1. A lovely welcoming home you have.

  2. that kind of kindness only comes from a person who truly accepts themselves; they have love for oneself, so they share it with others… that’s a beautiful way to live, when you can make a stranger feel at home.

  3. i liked the warmth of this

  4. I truly love and enjoy reading this so much.

    Life is beautiful my friend. Thank you for you writing this incredibly piece. 🙂

  5. I’m here visiting again.. and this read got me thinking about “one more cup of coffee… “… probably the valley below and that parting.

  6. Oh this is such a feeling of a homely.. so befitting for me.. sitting here enjoying a glass o wine at the fireplace.

  7. This expresses a beautiful sentiment. Thank you for sharing it at dVerse.

  8. i like that place of comfort that enables us to greet and meet those on the streets as well… a safe base..

  9. I do enjoy the feel to this…a lovely acceptance of all and life. Nice!

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