I’m sorry I couldn’t
Buy you more for your birthday.
I just don’t have the money.

And I know that “I love you”
Is a poor substitute for
An iphone when you’re nine.

But, when you’re big(ger)
It won’t be the stuff you remember
But the things you did
And the fact that I loved you.

I hope


5 Responses to “Nine”

  1. So true…love is everything!

  2. This is a sweet poem and reflects a reality that we need to balance in a better way.

  3. I completely agree with Me. Brian Miller.

  4. Well put! I wish I was wiser as a child! 🙂

  5. ugh. our society has translated love into a material thing.
    it is rather sad. and we try to compete for that love as well
    hard reality when you aint got the money.
    been there.

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