What is indestructible is worth nothing,

Value is in vulnerability,

Precious things are temporary,

There is no meaning in permanence,

Because stories lie

Only in change.


Yet we strive towards an end point,

A perfection, a conclusion,

A true death,

And at the same time fear change,

Crave immortality,

Because a life is not enough,

To learn the secrets we knew

Before birth.


So chase your revelation,

Your resolution,

Your dissolution,

You can keep enlightenment,

Because only dark and silence endure.


8 Responses to “Transigence”

  1. I have been thinking a while on the nature of both permanence and transient things, but have always lacked succinct/consise/less rambly language forms. I like it! But what is (truly) indestructible?

    • Hi Katie. What is indestructible? I think this is where language leads us to false questions. I remember being blown away at school when the physics teacher told us that energy cannot be destroyed or created but only changes form. I have always pondered this and I guess the word “destruction” is a human illusion; only forms change.

  2. Very detailed, each stanza touching a bit deeper. I suppose the moral is to be aware of your questions because you may be searching for answers that are always out of reach.

  3. The joy is in the journey yes but I will have to respectfully disagree that it is more than dark and silence that endure. Well written though. Thanks for sharing.

    • That last line is not in favour of dark and silence, but rather takes us back to the first line. If I could have written this is a circle, I would have.
      Disagreeing respectfully is a very powerful positive force. Thank you.

  4. bang…wicked truth in this…and this one begs to be spoken…change is the constant and nothing lasts forever…even shadow…

  5. There is no meaning in permanence,

    Because stories lie

    Only in change.


    This is so true. All answers become lies and all truths become lies as well. What is the real answer to anything really.

    Great writing my friend.

  6. Laurie Kolp Says:

    So many spend their lives searching for “something”… but it’s in the quiet peaceful moments where answers lie.

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