Dandelions Are Freer Than Me

Vertical blinds slice the sunrise

Into prison bars on a mocha feature wall.

Whilst, outside, dandelions exploit

Pavement cracks as habitats until

Becoming casualties of chemical warfare.

Because freedom means control,

We must defend our sterile prisons

In the name of liberty.


9 Responses to “Dandelions Are Freer Than Me”

  1. Wow, those first two lines, brilliant. You brought it around wonderfully and created a strong, topical poem. Well done.

  2. defending our sterile prisons…heck and why are we doing this anyway.. kinda crazy, right..?

  3. Wow, the dichotomy of freedom and control. Yes.

  4. True so harder for those who have comfort and no no freedom as natures promise…

  5. Laurie Kolp Says:

    So vivid and powerful!

  6. because freedom means control….pow….what a line that…those last three lines are breath taking as a punch to the gut…great write…

    • Thanks Brian, I really appreciate that as they hit just like that whilst I was writing the beginning. One of those moments when a poem suddenly changes from the one you thought you were writing.

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