Necessity Is the Mother of Indifference

Street’s transitory intransigent heart,
Cracks like a mortuary paving slab inviting,
Unwary, undead, disease-ridden feet to catch,
And trip, unfalling this time,
A tiny but timely reminder unheeded,
By suited commuters of the ruin,
That lies within, underneath,
The hearth of their happy homes built,
On the ancient burial ground of Capital’s disposable minions,
Yet to come.

Gas main and underground trains shake
As tectonic plates of a century prematurely aged,
Stutter uncertainly, unsure,
If we have seen the final fin de siècle, concerned,
That the fireworks were not enough.

Turning complacent from the setting sun,
I endure starving faces and neglected children on BBC1,
And refuse the news for another channel which serves,
Understandable, unchallenging reality with a narrator colloquial,
And rinse my mind by absorbing myself in,
Which girls will he pick? Who will make the best cake?
To take away the lingering taste of,
Inevitable crumbling low-key catastrophe
Which unfolds next door (or close) nightly,
And creeps into my unconscious dreams,
So in the morning which I knew would come,
My defence manifests as malevolent indifference,
Towards those that are not us.

Unable to psychicly afford guilt to crack,
My insulated isolation, I buy back my humanity by,
Credit card for ” just two pounds a month” , take,
My mundane daily (fair trade) drugs and am,
A smiling global citizen, city zen again turning,
A blind eye, belligerently blasé about the blood,
Spilled on faraway sand to fuel my rush hour rage
On a motorway through no mans’ land.

Once stress was an enemy to be busted. I,
Turned to yoga then whalesong then gave up and worshipped,
Prozac and sleeping pills,
But now pills are passé and we are slaves to interactive tablets,
Since my phone became I, phone, I run on stress,
It holds me together, I hold it close,
With caffeine and codeine to take the edges off.

Too cynical to believe the ad man’s promise that I grow better by consumption,
But resigned to the truth that without it I cannot function,
Too savvy to want what I don’t need,
Too wired to deny that I need what I don’t want.


2 Responses to “Necessity Is the Mother of Indifference”

  1. it’s tough sometimes and overwhelming when we’re confronted with the cruel reality around us and we try to buy some of the dignity back – really like how you pen this – we need a new awareness and def. re-think what we need and what not – and what we can do to make a difference

  2. turning a blind eye…thats hard…and it does wear on you…living next to brutality as well would…and having to listen to it…..and we each struggle to find our escapes…i like the matter of fact tone in this as well…

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