What Might Have Been

I painted my dreams on slides of glass

And folded them carefully,

In Eastern silk.

I walked West until I walked into the sea.


I watched my dreams float away carelessly,

Caught by Atlantic waves,

Washed out silk washed up on sand,

Slides slammed against sharp Solway rocks,



Smashed to shards like counterfeit diamonds,

Cold, hold, worthless,

Strewn on forlorn foreshore,

To shred the soles of optimistic paddlers.



(Who rush down to the sand,

At first sign of sunshine.)



The pieces, which

Were slides, which,

Held dreams, my dreams



Were gathered reverently then by inquisitive children,

Still believing in their broken beauty.  Eager

To take them home as treasure,

To put them back together,

To see what they become.



But plans were, too soon, dashed by jaded parents,

And treasure scattered with a heavy heart,

In sandy car park corner forgotten,

Upon fulfilment of ice cream promise.



So, as darkness fell on an empty beach,

A silk handkerchief was picked up by the rising tide,

And became but silent flotsam,

On the dark and sullen Gulf Stream.


6 Responses to “What Might Have Been”

  1. trancingwavesinandoutforevermore

  2. I loved how this unfolded–beautifully done!

  3. love that the children gathered your shattered dreams…it makes a very cool contrast as well to those rushing cutting their feet on them…..cool piece…

  4. the painting the dreams on slides of glass….the whole process of what you do with them – and what happens – beautiful sensitively chosen images – and you tell a whole story in this… welcome at dVerse as well…

  5. Really really really like the beginning!

  6. Deepanshi Dhiman Says:

    Wow. This is GREAT.

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