The Emperor’s Tailor

 Remember when we went to that party? I wore,
 Those new clothes you gave me. You told me,
 I looked really smart but I felt,
 Like the only one in fancy dress. You wouldn’t,
 Let me go home to change. You said,
 You didn’t want to miss the party but really you,
Were telling me it wak okay, that I could carry this off.
When I clung to you like a tumble-dried sock to a,
 Satin blouse, you peeled me off and turned me the right way so I,
Got comfortable with myself and began to believe this skin,
That I wore was only for the very intelligent. I was,
Magic since it had been touched by the hand of my magic seamstress.
After that, I used to lend you my jumper if you,
Were cold, kicking around the house or watching T.V. It,
Was the only thing you took with you when you left.


4 Responses to “The Emperor’s Tailor”

  1. I love the title for this. Makes you look twice!

  2. mmm what a last couple lines…them making you feel so comfortable in your clothes only in the end to have them leave…..sad.

  3. Heartbreaking end.. love can build and destroy. Lovely writing.

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