Wriot – or Getting Ready to Write

Ariel up and ready to receive,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Take your seats please.

For the Madness is upon him again,

Semantic acrobatics performed with paper and pen,

Frantic words tumlble and spin,

Spitting raging pain on the page and then,

They cascade like molten theremite behind his eyes,

His brain flails blind arms and vainly tries,

To catch the white hot syllables,

To make sense of the cinders,

Which burn as they turn to ash in its fingers.


Meaning may come later,

Not from the cooling heap in his mind,

But from still-bleeding scars on clutching hands,

Sifting through embers to find,

The source of the ignition,

Melted beyond rcognition,

To seperate the relevant,

From the fumes of the accelerant,

The overpowering stench of sentiment,

Which forms sludgy sediment,

And dulls the spurs of his intent,

Leaving nothing to come to fruition.


One Response to “Wriot – or Getting Ready to Write”

  1. a great description of the artistic process, beautiful.

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