Innocence by Ray Ferrer

Innocence by Ray Ferrer

The glare of a sudden spotlight tries,
To flatten her features yet,
The overwhelming truth of her dark,
Innocent eyes cannot be blinded,
And shines, unblinking, defiant.
Something in that shadow,
Between lid and brow holds,
Your fascinated gaze and pulls,
Reflecting back darkest secrets forgiven.
Does she smile?
She does if you do.
“Go” she seems to say,
“All is well”.  But I stay yet,
Bathing in her level stare until,
Reluctantly turning, always knowing,
She is there.
This post is inspired by the image by Ray Ferrer and I am very grateful for his permission to use it.  Please go and check out his work at

One Response to “Innocence”

  1. she def. has interesting eyes…so much to be found in someone’s eyes…

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