Days Like This

There are no words,

All we can do is stand,

Shoulder to shoulder across the ocean,

Trying to share wordless shock and grief,

To make it lighter to bear,

On days like this.


But soon we must,

Find the words to express,

Not only the unspeakable sorrow of loss,

But to form instinctive outrage into,

Coherent, persuasive, logical form to end,

Days like this.


We must speak of The Second,

Carefully crafted by pioneers to protect,

An infant nation so that it might grow free,

Which now bleeds bloody tears into the cupped,

Hands of a country robbed of its children,

On days like this.


Those of us who, though we grieve,

Are blessed to be able to hold our children,

Today must know that comfort we send,

Though heartfelt, is hollow unless we use,

Our voices to bring change.  No more,

Days like this.


Emotion and grief is yet raw but raw,

There will be time enough, they say,

But why should those with words stand silent and wait?

The pain will never fade from those mothers,

And delay in the name of sensitivity can only bring,

More days like this.



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