Snow Day

When I went to bed last night,

It was snowing.

The garden lay crystal white,

And I slept imagining,

The beautiful wintry sunrise to come,

But when I awoke, rain,

Had the promised beauty undone.

The world was grey and cold again.

And I remembered when I asked you,

To be patient with me a while,

Saying I needed to work out a few,

Niggling doubts and then I’ll,

Be the man you believe in.

It seems long ago now,

Your patience is wearing thin,

And my faith in me is low.

Miracles did happen but I,

Didn’t see them, they couldn’t find,

A dry place to settle upon my,

Gritted, brown-slush mind.

Though my trust in finding answers,

Has faded, please don’t let go,

We might yet see those tiny dancers,

Floating with the snow.

No, I don’t believe it either,

But what else do we have?

Too late to admit our error,

Only faint hope keeps us alive.

Though regret’s black shadow stalks,

Pay no heed, hold on to this,

That within our threadbare velvet box,

We are perfect still as that first kiss.

As the spectre of promises unfulfilled,

Whispers “There will be no snow days”,

Like a bitter wind, my bones are chilled,

And the weight of waiting weighs,

Heavy as the sky,

Crushing us both.

I love you is the only truth I know,

But if to love you is to let you go,

Then that truth will surely kill me,

And the dreams we clung to will be,

Scattered, soiled, debris.

Hold on for the morning, dear love,

For it will surely come,

And these night terrors must, love,

Thaw these senses numb.

And so,

Through a sharp entanglement,

Of grasping hands,

Like barbed wire around my heart,

Hold on, please,

And never let me go.

10 Responses to “Snow Day”

  1. the emotive aspect is very effective, love the embodiment of the natural forces at play as well. Well done. Thanks

  2. And the weight of waiting weighs – something I know too well. And then at last you let go and then you soar!

  3. felt emotions in this…and hope is a strong force.. as is love..hope she makes it through the barb wire..

  4. i love you is the only truth i know…cool line that….and the barb wire around the heart…yikes…but nice symbolism in that as well…i know a few who have it on a tat…

  5. Reading this makes me think of Tash’s intro to today’s OLN–bleeding poetry. This is so filled with vulnerability that I want to say to her: “Be Patient!!!”

  6. Wow! Heartbreaking and powerful!

  7. […] Snow Day ( […]

  8. For me this is your best yet.Love it.

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