Heavy sky offers no consolation today,

Clouds are cold and remote,

And sterile air hangs clinically,

Around the leafless trees.


No breeze,

To offer encouragement nor respite,

The red end of light’s spectrum,

Is gone with the absent sun,


Leaving blue to penetrate each crack,

Impotent to freeze,

It simply clings to living things,

Leaching each morsel of warmth,

From immobile, leaden, muscles,

Whilst evening slowly oozes,

Through the indifferent afternoon.


Soon, it will be time to eat.

The warm, easy babble of young voices,

Eagerly telling of school and play and friends,

Will fill this silent room,

Breathing life into artificial light,

Warming the night inside spreading,

Smiles that widen until,

The winter is forgotten.


Then, it will be time,

To put up the tree,

And to breathe in the safety,

Of its twinkling glow triumphant,

Leaving real winter outside,

Where it belongs.


10 Responses to “December”

  1. lucychili Says:

    we are heading into Summer but today the sky is grey here too. Simpatico.

  2. ‘the red end of the light spectrum’ is a good line, as many others here. I do like ‘air hangs clinically’ very much…like a “condition”…well penned..and there’s something about the word “trimphant’…

  3. Great description of an ‘indifferent afternoon’, but with a comforting end, with family and ‘busyness’ taking over (in a good way).
    It may just be my ear, but the line ‘And sterile air hangs clinically’ sounds like it’s got too many syllables in it, my mouth stumbles over the words. Maybe lose the ‘and’ or replace ‘clinically’ with something else (I like the sterile, so would keep that). Hope you don’t mind my personal impression…

  4. Love the word you carve here.. winter can drain all energy and only togetherness can drive the winter out..

  5. OH so beautifully cold, crisp, refershing and I love the finale 😉

  6. It’s hard to leave winter blues outside, this year.

  7. Glenn Buttkus Says:

    How wonderful to find clarity & hope within the confines of home & children & the tree; makes me anxious for the Day to arrive on the peal of grandchildren’s laughter; thanks for sharing.

  8. Very nice ~ There’s warmth in the circle of family and children and Christmas tree ~ Leave the winter cold outside where it belongs ~

  9. the twinkling glow triumphant of the tree that leaves real winter outside… love how you work the contrasts of warmth and cold in this… the sound of laughter of kids… def. breathes life…

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