Hush, words,

Settle down.


Words, like wayward children,

Jostle and tug and squabble,

Lying irrelevant explanations,

For instinctive reactions,


Belittling nature by trying to dignify with thought,

Giving noble motives to uncontrollable notions,

Creating conceit of conscious control of the chaos,

Drawing diametric poles on lines imaginary.


Performing dazzling semantic acoustic acrobatics to,

Appease the muse and district the imagination, obscuring,

The obvious simplicity of life with layers of sibilant smokescreen.


Words skip and play, painting,

Self indulgent pictures of religious symbols to irreverently ignore,

Proving divine intelligence dividing society on spiritual lines.


So shine the finest minds while,

The wise smile in silence not knowing,

That they know nothing but aware that there is nothing to know.

As the stream of words murmurs on,

To the sea and metaphor dissolves, soothed and settled,

To the quiet hum of rich, deep harmony space and time infinite,


Beyond the boundaried reaches of petty thought,

Matured to newborn perfection summed up by a,

Full stop.


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