Grey days seem to be,

Just Nature being lazy,

Ha! Such human vanity!

With our obsession with incandescence,

We miss the subtlety,

Of Nature’s palette,

Which, seen properly,

Demands attention intimate.


All man’s architectural artifice,

Relies on light brighter than this,

With its flat sides and angled cornices,

The grandeur relies on reflective surfaces.


Dour towns are made to be seen from one viewpoint,

We see set pieces staged in light,

On a day such as this,

Lack of shadow brings no relief,

Buildings become a flat, monochrome site.


But the branchless tree,

As damp air condenses to droplets on,

Every twig and contour, provides,

Pictures ever changing,

Demonstrating Nature’s intention,

To be viewed in three dimensions.


The damp tree shines black,

Standing an awesome silhouette,

Giving the dull grey sky its purpose,

Sublime rather than picturesque.


Then as darkness thickens the sky,

Roles reverse and, by and by,

The bare and skeletal tree,

Accentuates evening’s dark majesty,

Whilst streetlight’s sodium glow,

Struggles in vain below.


11 Responses to “Grey”

  1. Yes, living in an artificially bright, colorful, neon world we lose sight of the subtle beauty of this time of year. Beautifully expressed Graeme.

  2. Yes, monochrome is so elegant, precise, exquisite… and yet, oh how my soul craves gaudiness and colour on days such as these!

  3. i am rather a fan of black and white…and how it brings out the textures of pictures we miss when it is bathed in color….very nicely done…..i am a fan of streetlights as well…smiles.

  4. Delightfully monochromatic, bleak and beautiful. a marvelous creation!

  5. …the roles of every colours changes depending on the current canvas in use…. and that made your last stanza so true & can provide a picturesque… smiles…

  6. In praise of the monochrome – a study in black and whites or pehaps sepias. I love this counterpoint to the day’s splash of autumn brilliance!

  7. Nature is always better than us at lighting up the world. We just have to sit up and take notice. Well written.

  8. oh true…so many shades in the seemingly just grey – and i love that the darker color also brings out the texture of things beautifully..

  9. I liked the visuals you presented through your words. Some beautiful imagery of the dew drops and twigs and the darkening sky and the streetlight. Great job! 🙂

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