The Man Who Was Afraid to Talk

He looks the world in the eye,

Through a two way mirror,

He is desperately shy,

But he wants to be singer.

In his head words scream,

As he pounds the streets in silence,

With lips sealed his fists,

Translate his muted thoughts to violence.


But his rage has no rhythm,

He is impotent to understand,

The ache that’s within him,

Which flows directly to his hands,

Which give expression to his anger,

In staccato silent syllables,

And punctuate a murder,

Of ideas that made him miserable,

And buried thoughts that plagued him,

Ever since he was a kid,

And brought to light the victim,

That vicious voices hid.


And then a stranger asks a question,

Suddenly he starts to speak,

And his words find direction,

Though his unused voice is weak,

The incoherent thoughts,

Come together in a sentence,

The dammed up raw emotion,

Creates a reservoir of eloquence.


When he speaks, to his amazement,

The people stop and listen,

Crowded round him on the pavement,

And suddenly he’s singing!

The words take on new meaning,

As they ride the melody,

From office windows people leaning,

Shopping mothers’ children crane to see,

This prophet on the sidewalk,

Sing his generation’s song:

The man who was afraid to talk,

Held the answers all along.


6 Responses to “The Man Who Was Afraid to Talk”

  1. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) Says:

    I particularly love the summing up in your last four lines.

  2. hypercryptical Says:

    Oh well done – a story well told. We all need to find our voice, be heard.
    Anna :o]

  3. I like what you’ve done with the form. It would make a great song if you found a melody!

  4. Love the end.. such release.. and I think that the flow of the poetry mimic how he finds his voice…

  5. Quite the tale of someone finding their voice. You have strong rhythm and rhyme here, and some fine images too – I love reservoir of eloquence. I could use one of those myself … smiles

  6. A beautiful turn in the last stanza, to find your voice and speak and even sing ~ Thanks for sharing this ~

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