So you want to give us voice,

Do you?

And what do you think,

We would say?

Do you think we,

Hide in silence or,

Do you think we have been,


You have this cosy vision,

Don’t you,

Of our silent nobility,

We are oppressed poets all.

But what do you know of suffering?


You are not silenced,

You have nothing to contribute,

We will give you voice,

Say the words you don’t,

Want us to hear.

We will because,

We own you,

We fund your pointlessness.

If you don’t like,

The words we give you,

Get a job.


Though you dwell,

In silence,

We will give you voice,

As we feel your pain,

And know your noble heart.

Honest sufferer,

Bravely bearing the slings,

And arrows of principled poverty.

Not for you,

The burden of the BMW,

Or the sin of designer suits,

A simpler, more fulfilling,

Life is yours.

Whats that?

Next door you say?

No, no,no.


I am not silenced,

You simply choose,

Not to listen.

I am not the circumstances,

By which you wish,

To define me.

I am just a man,

Nor hero nor villian am I.

Do not speak for me,

Or put words in my mouth,

Or use my imagined words,

To score points in your game.

I wish I did not need,

To ask for your help,

Don’t make me shout.


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