Thursday:  You promise peace to come yet,

Your promise is too future to console,

And your present presents no comfort but,

Weariness and longing for that parole,

Which wanes too distant still

Like the mirage in a desert will,

Serve only to remind the parched man of his thirst,

So you remind me that I am cursed,

To wander again this workday wasteland weary,

Before I drink my fill of Saturday.


4 Responses to “Thursday”

  1. Just wondering, what is your method here? Do you write these daily, is each one a continuation of the next?

    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed all of them that I had time to read…


    • I don’t really have a method, except that I write what I feel in the moment then come back to it when I feel better and kind of reply to myself. Thanks for taking the time to read. – G

      • Well, I kind of think that is a method & it is an interesting one…

        You’re welcome & thank you for reading some of mine…


      • I never really thought I had a method before! Mostly, an image or phrase will come first. Then its just a case of listening quietly whilst it explains itself. The process happens quite quickly and most of teh editing is done in my head so the poem is pretty much fully formed when I write it down. I wrote “End of Term” in the shower this morning! I will come back to it in a week or so and reply to myself. Have a good week. G

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